This is the address for Kevin Harris' defense fund:

Danielle Harris
P.O. Box 995
Republic, WA 99166

We had to talk to five (5!) people at SeaFirst Bank to get this information -- three people at the 800 number on the Web page, and two people at the local SeaFirst branch in Republic, WA. The person who finally cooperated said they "had to be careful when dealing with controversial issues".

I don't know if this is a real defense fund managed by a third party or a personal fund maintained by his wife, so I would suggest that you:

I can afford the web page -- I don't need your $$$ -- but if you write any good letters that you are willing to have reproduced here as form letters or source material for others to use (not everyone is a good letter writer or has a lot of time available to write), please send them to me. As a matter of policy (to avoid transmitting viral infections to my machines), I accept only *.txt files (no *.exe, *.com or *.doc files) -- Thank you!