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Another document filed in State of Idaho vs. Horiuchi. (You'll need a Tiff Viewer to read it.)


In the media:

More documents filed in State of Idaho vs. Horiuchi. (You'll need a Tiff Viewer to read them.)

Another document has been filed in Harris vs. Roderick et al. See entry # 65, Docket Sheet for 1:94-CV-359 (ORDER of the 9th Circuit recalling mandate of the five consolidated appeals). I haven't seen anything about this in the media, but I suspect it means that the decision handed down a few months ago by a three-judge appellate panel is being appealed to the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.



Another document filed in State of Idaho vs. Horiuchi. (You'll need a Tiff Viewer to read it.)


Idaho Statesman article entitled "Citing threats, lawyers want trial in Boise", subtitled "Defense team says FBI agent's life is at risk"

In the People to Contact section I've placed the names, address, phone & fax numbers of all SIX (count 'em -- SIX) attorneys who are defending assassin Horiuchi at YOUR expense. Please feel free to let them know how you feel about their soaking up YOUR tax dollars to defend assassin Horiuchi.

More documents filed in State of Idaho vs. Horiuchi. (You'll need a Tiff Viewer to read them.)


Spokesman-Review article entitled "Prosecutor lands help in FBI sniper case", subtitled "Controversial L.A. lawyer specializes in police brutality cases. Deputy prosecutor Yagman has "been called the 'Bad Boy of the Federal Courthouse."


Newspaper article

Another document filed in State of Idaho vs. Horiuchi. (You'll need a Tiff Viewer to read it.)


Several new documents have been filed in the matter of the State of Idaho vs. Horiuchi. If you have Tiff Viewer, you can read them on-line. The prosecution is objecting to moving the case to federal court on the grounds that there is no valid reason to move the case and no evidence supporting the removal was included under oath or penalty of perjury. The documents also seek to dismiss Horiuchi's claim of immunity, citing the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision in Harris' civil suit against Horiuchi and others. Very interesting reading -- well worth hassling with the TIFF viewers & the download time!


There are two new entries on Horiuchi's docket sheet. You'll need a TIFF viewer to read these:


Spokesman-Review on-line article entitled "Harris spared new trial", subtitled "Time runs out for prosecutor to appeal Ruby Ridge ruling"


Associated Press article entitled "Lawyer for Police Brutality Victims Tapped as Special Prosecutor". This is a very positive development!


Kootenai Valley Times article entitled "Legal artillery aimed at county prosecutor"


I finally scanned & uploaded Horiuchi's sketch showing two heads behind the door.


The State of Idaho vs. Lon Horiuchi is in the process of being moved to federal court. The docket sheet is on-line, and the papers filed have been scanned and can be read on-line if you have a TIFF viewer.

And from the "The more things change, the more they stay the same department", according to an A.P. story in the Sunday (11/9/97) paper: A U.S. marshal shot a teenager in New York City who was walking down a sidewalk eating a candy bar. The marshal apparently mistook the youth for someone they were looking for and mistook his candy bar for a gun. "It's sick," said the 17-year-old youth, "you can't even walk down the street and eat a candy bar anymore." He claims the marshals left him "handcuffed and bleeding on the ground." [Without a doubt the marshal is now fully qualified for a promotional transfer to their special operations group. In keeping with the best traditions of the U.S. Marshals Service, he'll surely receive their Medal of Valor for bagging a kid.]


Lon Horiuchi was scheduled to appear in court in Boundary County on Monday, Nov. 3; his attorneys were expected to make the appearance for him. I don't know if they actually showed up. On-line stories based on AP & Reuters wire stories were saying that his attorneys were asking, as expected, that the case be moved to U.S. District Court. None of the on-line articles are still available, so I can't provide any links. My local (MN) papers aren't covering the story, and my Idaho papers haven't arrived yet, so please say tuned . . . .


10/28/97 Finally finished typing in & uploading Gerry Spence's account of what happened at Ruby Ridge. This is one of the best short accounts of what transpired.

10/23/97 Harris vs. Roderick et al. has been remanded to the U.S. District Court for Idaho. See entry # 65, Docket Sheet for 1:94-CV-359


10/20/97 Lots of new stuff

10/14/97 Docket Sheet for 1:94-CV-359 (Harris vs. Roderick et al.)


10/7/97 A scoreboard & four articles:

10/5/97 Charges against Kevin Harris have been dismissed! (four articles)

10/1/97 Spokesman-Review on-line article on the motion to dismiss the murder charges against Kevin Harris.

9/26/97 The good guys are winning today, and we're winning big time!

9/24/97 Added links to Web pages for local media sources (newspaper & TV stations) that will often have current information not yet available on this site or elsewhere on the Web.

9/23/97 Sorry about my one-week hiatus. I had to attend to some matters out of town. Some new items that were awaiting my return:

9/18/97 Spokesman-Review on-line article on Kevin Harris & the double jeopardy issue.

9/17/97 Added mailing address for Kevin Harris' defense fund.

9/16/97 Another Spokesman-Review on-line article on how the prosecutor expects Horiuchi to cooperate. The prosecutor doesn't expect him to appear in person, and in fact, she hasn't the slightest idea where he even is. [If I'm ever about to go postal, I hope someone puts me on a bus for Boundary County, Idaho!]

9/14/97 A bunch of the Spokesman-Review links have been broken the last couple days; this is their explanation: "Thanks for your message to Virtually Northwest. Actually what is happening is that we are changing all of our files from .htm to .asp. If you call up a story during the transition that will happen. We should be finished on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience." So if you've been trying to read any of the Spokesman-Review articles, please try again on Monday or Tuesday.



9/5/97 Added numerous links to on-line articles by the Spokane paper, The Spokesman-Review. They reveal some disturbing information about the likely quality & experience of the Boundary County prosecutor and the paucity of attorneys who could replace her. Forget about a recall election -- there's nobody there.

9/3/97 The local newspapers are starting to trickle in. Summaries & commentary on two local articles.

9/2/97 Received some well deserved feedback suggesting I run a spellchecker, which I've done. I'm embarrassed. The same feedback suggested, basically, that I tone down my remarks a bit so I don't immediately turn off people who might disagree when they first come to this site. The point is well taken, but that is going to take a lot of restraint on my part. In the meantime, I added a note at the top of the home page to try to divert those people to some of the more neutral background material first. Also elaborated and expanded a bit on the background information page.

9/1/97 Added my proposal for creating grand jury Pro Cive and to allow trial juries, when acquitting defendants by reason of entrapment or unreliable witnesses, to act as de facto grand jury and simultaneously return indictments against the federal officials responsible for the misdeeds.


8/28/97 Added Media Watch section to point out and correct errors in the media.

8/27/97 Added text of my letter of 8/26/97 to Denise Woodbury (Boundary County Prosecutor)

8/26/97 It's all new. The web page was created today. For those who check this page regularly, I will highlight additions and changes (with links) here.


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